The beautiful and elegant crown on the head of DUKSIS, is a glorious symbol of its Iranian originality, which tends to stand beside its counterparts at the global level. DUKSIS is a name derived from the title of princesses from ancient Iran who always carried some symbols of their honorable family. The DUKSIS brand, produces precious and luxurious companions for women of today, inspired from those historical and eternal titles. DUKSIS stylish and glamorous bags, turn pure dreams to stunning reality for the ladies who do not consider the boundaries for beauty. The originality of design and quality of production are the keys of privilege which makes the difference.


Hossein shahriyari

CREATOR & designer of duksis brand

The DUKSIS brand is founded and established in Iran since 2 decades ago. Hossein Shahriary, as the founder of this different brand, manages the whole procedure of production from innovating the idea to the final step of implementation. His family background in producing feminine products, his knowledge of design along with participating in relevant courses in Iran and some other countries, led to the excellence and distinction of DUKSIS products from the very beginning, comparing to the Iranian and also international counterparts. The unique beauty secret of DUKSIS bags is beyond just a creative design and includes a two-sided idea: Hand-made and no-sewing products. Our main opinion in DUKSIS is “you may always be more attractive”. Hence, the stunning beauty and special design of these handmade bags makes their fans, loyal customers, and we expect to cross the boarders of 3 continents.

Products and Specifications

It's impossible to find any similarity between DUKSIS products and the other brands’ in the whole world. Most of the production process is carried out by hands of creative artists and no machinery is used for bonding of several parts and components of these glamorous bags. All the procedures, from creating the idea and the preliminary design to the final step of implementation, from a to z, are being done in a completely exclusive complex.
It’s really good to know that there is no sewing in the apparent design of bags which is a unique and exclusive specification of DUKSIS.
Benefiting the beauty of hand art combined with a special accuracy and skill in producing DUKSIS bags, put them in the position of some sorts of Iranian handcrafts. Identifying Iranian and international high quality material, utilizing vast range of perfect decorations and practical design, are the items which generate a specific appearance in DUKSIS products that attracts the attentions.
It also worth to know that any single product has its own history and philosophy behind, which makes a basic idea come true by gathering all the components accurately, benefiting the creative ideas and arts, to create a unique identity of a magnificent bag. All components and fittings of any production are completely exclusive and are produces based on our order.