Duksis on the Red Carpet

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March 15, 2017

Fajr International Film Festival is the most important Iranian film festival which has been held each year since 1983 in Tehran, usually in the middle of February. So far, 35 annual festivals have been held. Every year, fans of cinema and male and female artists wait restlessly for the Fajr Film Festival to begin so they can get to know about the awards in the opening and closing ceremonies as well as to see the clothes and style of their favorite actors closely.

Actors also act out of caution when taking part in the Film Festival. Choosing a special and appropriate dress for this event is very important so everyone chooses carefully and obsessively and shows up on the red carpet with an attractive appearance.

As an Iranian brand alongside other famous brands in the world, Duksis was one of the most popular brands among artists who appeared with their unique bags on the red carpet at the Fajr Film Festival 2015.

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